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How to utilize wet garbage in an efficient way

February 15, 2018

This blog would be more relevant to those who have a milk-man leave milk at their home daily or have cow visitors in their neighborhood. But yet you could find other options like “Making a small compost bin in your home and use the compost eventually as fertilizer for your homegrown plants” or you could find your own other ways to reduce and use your garbage with the objective in mind to reduce pollution.

Does not take any time of yours

When you have cleaned your vegetables, at the time of cooking your dinner, put off all the vegetable remains in a plastic bag and put it in a corner of your frig. That way it would stay fresh until the next day you hand it over to your milk-man. Make a small space in your frig easily accessible so that you can remove it quickly the next day.

What can be put aside?

Daily remains of leafy vegetables.
Ladies-finger remains.
Potato skin if you remove them.
Any other vegetable remains(In addition you could consult your milk-man too )
Fruit skin like mango, banana skin, watermelon skin
Fruit remains like Jackfruit remains, pineapple remains

Benefits to the Cow:

1 She gets a variety of nutritious food which otherwise would be limited to store-bought grass etc.

Benefits to the Milk-man:

1. Saves a few bucks that he would spend on buying fodder for his cow.(If he collects these remains from multiple customers)

Benefit(s) to you:

1 A mental satisfaction that you have reduced garbage which would otherwise add to the world around you.
2 You can ask for cow-dunk in return which would be a good fertilizer for your garden. Though it smells a bit 🙂 Plants grow faster and taller.

Benefit(s) to the entire society:

1 Lesser garbage added around, less of bad odor around.
2 Have fresher air to breath

If you know any more ways to reduce wet garbage or garbage, in general, please leave comments and I would love to read and follow them.



January 26, 2017

आपली एक  सवय असते।  ज्या गोष्टींवर आपण अवलंबून असतो किंबहुना ज्या गोष्टींवर आपल जीवन अवलंबून आहे किवा ज्यांच्या मुळे आपण आहोत त्या गोष्टींना नमन करणे, त्यांची आठवण ठेवणे, त्यांची जाणीव ठेवणे। म्हणून की काय घरात संध्याकाळी दिवे लागले किवा गेलेली विज परत आली की आपण आपले हाथ जोडून नमस्कार करतो। ही सवय आपल्याला आपल्या पुर्वजां कडून मिळाली असणार।  ते सूर्य उजाड्यावर सूर्याला नमस्कार करत असावेत।

आपलं जीवन ज्यांच्यावर अवलंबून आहे अश्या काही  गोष्टी म्हणजे वायु, जल, धरती, अग्नि, प्रकाश आणि अन्न। ह्या पैकी पहिले पांच यांना पंच महाभूत असे म्हणतात।

Increasing cloth bags’ use and reducing plastic bag use.

January 25, 2017

A way to reduce plastic waste is use reusable, cloth bags; which I have been following from the past 4 years and my parents have been following ever since. For all those who want to follow this, it’s easy!

How to do it?

  • Keep 4-5 reusable, cloth bags folded and placed on your kitchen shelf, for later.
  • Just grab a couple of bags (out of the 4-5 on kitchen shelf) every time before heading to the market place.
  • You can also place 1-2 bags in advance in your car or two-wheeler side box, so they are handy whenever you need them.
  • Even if you are not going to the market, but else where you can still keep a bag at hand. Chances are you might buy something on the way back home.

Making the world a cleaner and healthier place to live in.

January 25, 2017

We should recycle/reuse waste/things as much in our potential to make this world a much cleaner and healthier place to live in. Here is a newspost named “Turning e-waste into gold” which gives insights into converting mobile phone waste, computer waste into useful alloys.